How to Live Life to the Full with Grit and Grace.

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flight hours in the A-10 and T-38
Colonel Todd Riddle has written an amazing look at the airman experience...
Faith, Family, and Fighter Jets is the ultimate dad book!

Colonel Todd “Riddler” Riddle
is a combat-decorated fighter pilot

Former Air Force squadron commander, parachutist with the famous 82d Airborne, and former youth pastor. In addition to being a senior military leader, “Riddler” also served as a Secretary of Defense Executive Fellow with a Fortune 500 mobile technology giant, learning to apply the agility of C-Suite decision-making and innovation to the Department of Defense.


Faith, Family and Fighter Jets:
Living Life to the Full with Grit and Grace

Colonel Todd “Riddler” Riddle’s story is anything but typical, with a combat-worn fighter jet soaring high above the mountains of Afghanistan. His writing conveys lessons of faith and leadership forged from a life of military service in harm’s way; a missional life calling where the stakes of success and failure are at the highest possible levels.

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Words From Professionals

"Faith, Family and Fighter Jets is the best book today
that continues the narrative of faith, service, and sacrifice exemplified by so many warriors and their families. This is a living, faith-filled resource from and for a new Greatest Generation empowered by God’s love as they fight an epic battle against forces of evil."
Lt Col Dave Grossman
Even if they’ve never served in the military or experienced combat,
readers will relate to Colonel Todd Riddle’s stories of courage in the face of adversity and trusting the Lord amid life’s trials. Faith, Family and Fighter Jets will encourage you!
Jim Daly
President, Focus on the Family
Todd Riddle has lived a very interesting and challenging life, as his book Faith, Family and Fighter Jets, shows
it is always refreshing to hear how someone in a hazardous profession implements his Christian faith as he lives his life.
Tom Osborne
College Football Hall of Fame, National Champion coach, and former US congressman
Faith, Family and Fighter Jets is the ultimate dad book! It has the adrenaline of a fighter pilot,
the tender love of a father, and the practical parenting tips of a great teacher. I was gripped from beginning to end with Colonel Todd’s life, and it made me want to be a better dad. The “Riddler” skillfully uses his tactical military training to help us become better parents. Each chapter is gripping, manly, humble, and very accessible. Faith, Family and Fighter Jets slayed me. I’m a believer in this book.
Mark Foreman
Lead pastor at North Coast Calvary Chapel, author of Wholly Jesus and Never Say No: Raising Big-Picture Kids

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